sâmbătă, 3 septembrie 2011

New in town

.. and all in one day :D I'm a lucky one :P ( and it wasn't my birthday :)) )

I saw this necklace and I loved it .. my boyfriend bought to me :)

These are some necklaces , earrings and a bracelet hand-made I received today from my cousin ( thank you girl :* )

.. these are from my boyfriend
.. and this ones I bought myself :P Preparing for the ugly winter with beautiful things :) These are hand made kinda' socks , for wearing them in the house . Tradition from Romania :)

My favourite from my boyfriend :)

.. from my boyfriend too :))) He knows I'm very chilly , and he bought me these to get me warm in the winter that comes :)

I braged enough :) What about you ? Do you care about presents ? Do you get presents from your girl/boyfriend , family , friends ?

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